<h2>Villa Lontorfou </h2><p>Apartments to let - Ormos Korthi Andros</p> <h2>Villa Lontorfou </h2><p>Apartments to let - Ormos Korthi Andros</p> <h2>Villa Lontorfou </h2><p>Apartments to let - Ormos Korthi Andros</p>
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Korthi - Andros


Ormos Korthi - Andros


Korthi is located in the southern part of Andros. It is crossed by two mountain ranges, Gerakonas to the north (which is also the natural border with the Municipality of Andros) and Rachi to the south. Among them is the fertile valley of Korthi, and the imposing gorge at Dipotamata, with plenty of running water and numerous watermills. The area is dominated by Faneromeni Castle, an old medieval fortification, with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea.

Following the old paths you will see windmills and watermills, pigeons, monasteries and chapels, bridges, beautiful mansions with flower-covered balconies and lush gardens. Within walking distance you will find many beautiful beaches.

Ormos was named after it is located inside a large bay and has a harbor and good transportation to the rest of the island. In the surrounding area there are many attractions that spark the interest of the visitor. Nearby you will see pigeons and the rare horizontal windmills (tambourmills). The beaches of the area are quite numerous: Mill, Vindi, Aikaterini, Bouros and, of course, the beach of Gria the Pidima. If you have a boat you will be able to enjoy countless deserted beaches and see the caves in Melissa and the steep rocks in Orvieto's Cave. During the summer months make sure to check out the numerous local events and the individual festivals in the picturesque chapels.